Committee of Management

The Web3 Australia’s committee of management totals 7 humans and includes academics, entrepreneurs, technologists and software developers.

James Zaki

Blockchain/IoT Engineer and Consultant

With 15 years experience in engineering and software development, James has worked in a variety of domains from industrial/home automation, to local tech companies and start-ups.
The last 7 years have covered development, product management, and tech advisor roles, both locally and abroad.
As organiser of the OzBerry IoT MeetUp and smart-contract developer/auditor, James is exploring applications using IoT and Blockchain technologies that can positively impact society.

Ellie Rennie

Associate Professor, RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub

Ellie Rennie’s research spans internet studies, public policy, and political theory. In recent years she has been conducting qualitative research to better understand how social norms influence internet adoption and use. She has an ongoing interest in civil society, distributed governance systems, and social innovation.

Bok Khoo

Decentralised Future Fund

Bok Khoo, or BokkyPooBah, is an actuary and software developer working in the Ethereum ecosystem. He is one of the early and top contributors to He assisted in the reconciliation of refunds to the original token holders in the pioneer decentralised autonomous organisation, The DAO. He has conducted 39 public Ethereum smart contract audits, and built the early and primitive decentralised exchange CryptoDerivatives.Market in Nov 2016. He helped establish the Decentralised Future Fund DAO that funded the representation of 10 Australian Ethereum community members at conferences worldwide in 2018. He has also released some very nice open source Ethereum smart contract libraries like the Gas-Efficient Solidity DateTime Library and BokkyPooBah’s Red-Black Binary Search Tree Library.

Thomas Nash

CTO & Co-Founder, Flex Dapps

A Software Engineer for 5 years and Co-founder of Flex Dapps, Tom has been working with the Ethereum blockchain since 2016. He has a deep interest in everything decentralised and has run countless beginner and intermediate level workshops over the last 18 months. If you ask around for technical blockchain experts in Australia, Tom’s name is one that will pop up time and time again.

Bonnie Yiu

Co-Founder, Consulere

Bonnie Yiu is co-founder of, a blockchain, IoT and AI consulting company. Bonnie regularly publishes and presents on blockchain-related matters, and recently appeared as a speaker at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland in January 2019. Bonnie is also a Founding Governing Member of the Decentralised Future Fund.

Prior to that Bonnie was an Associate at international law firms in Sydney and Silicon Valley, specialising in Financial Services and Venture Capital laws.

James Eddington


James is a web3 technology and privacy enthusiast, with specific expertise in cryptocurrency custodianship and the decentralised finance industry. Having worked in traditional financial services and with Melbourne based blockchain venture studio Typehuman, James now pursues his own interests in Web3.

Alexander Ramsey

CEO & Co-Founder, Flex Dapps

Alexander is a serial company founder and community builder who has worked in emerging industries including game development, esports, 3D systems and immersive media, with experience that encompasses commercial operations, programming, design and community engagement. Alex is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Flex Dapps, an Australian software development company specialising in decentralised applications. He is also a community organiser of Web3 Melbourne, a grassroots technology-agnostic developer community.